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Posted by medli20 - April 18th, 2010

EDIT: I'm done taking auditions for now; I think I might have already found the actors whose talents I'm going to include in my flash. Thanks for auditioning!

So, I'm creating a Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker spoof, and I need a few voice actors to help me with this. I really only need to fill two more roles, both of which are pretty minor, because two really great friends of mine already took the major roles. ;)

So, here are the parts I need filled.

The king of red Lions: I'm probably going to need a guy to do this one, unless you're a girl who can do a crazy good impersonation of James Earl Jones. It would help if you've played the game; that way you'd be more familiar with his voice. Just in case you haven't played the game though, here's a good idea of what he sounds like: [link] If you choose to take this part, you only need to recite two lines.

Hoskit: I'll probably need a guy to do this one, although it's possible for a girl to pull off as well. I have no idea what his voice is supposed to sound like, because he never vocalizes in the game. If you choose to take this part, you only need to read one line.

If you're interested in voicing for either one (or both) of these parts, PM me and I'll send you the lines you can audition with. Of course I'll be sure you co-author you as well [provided you get the part] so you'll be credited when I post it here on NG.

medli20 awaaaaaayyyy!! *whoosh*

Looking for Voice actors... [DONE]

Posted by medli20 - March 11th, 2010

Well, I finally finished the flash I was working on for.... *checks calendar* ...two weeks? Meh. Anyway, I had a lot of fun animating this one, so perhaps you could go check it out. Do me a favor, eh? ;)

New Flash!

Posted by medli20 - February 24th, 2010

Heyo. I guess I should post something here, shouldn't I? Anyway, I'm currently working on a Flash project called "Bob the Cat in Hunt 4 Zombies" featuring my character Bob, who is a tail-less cat. (Get it? Bob, because he has no tail... Aah, it was a lame joke anyway) You may recognize him, but chances are, unless you're in my animation class, you wouldn't. :U

It's my first time doing a full fluid animation using sound, and having backgrounds. I hope it turns out okay. If you want to see a WIP, drop me a message and I'll post it in the dumping grounds. I'm also thinking of starting a flash series called "Things that piss me off" after I'm done with Hunt 4 Zombies. IT WILL BE AN EPIC TALE OF CUTESY GOODNESS AND SUNSHINE.

That's about it, really.... I'm also working on prizes for a contest I recently hosted on deviantART, so that's cool too.

medli20 awaaaaaayyyyy!!! *whoosh*

Well hai thar.