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Looking for Voice actors... [DONE]

2010-04-18 19:26:07 by medli20

EDIT: I'm done taking auditions for now; I think I might have already found the actors whose talents I'm going to include in my flash. Thanks for auditioning!

So, I'm creating a Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker spoof, and I need a few voice actors to help me with this. I really only need to fill two more roles, both of which are pretty minor, because two really great friends of mine already took the major roles. ;)

So, here are the parts I need filled.

The king of red Lions: I'm probably going to need a guy to do this one, unless you're a girl who can do a crazy good impersonation of James Earl Jones. It would help if you've played the game; that way you'd be more familiar with his voice. Just in case you haven't played the game though, here's a good idea of what he sounds like: [link] If you choose to take this part, you only need to recite two lines.

Hoskit: I'll probably need a guy to do this one, although it's possible for a girl to pull off as well. I have no idea what his voice is supposed to sound like, because he never vocalizes in the game. If you choose to take this part, you only need to read one line.

If you're interested in voicing for either one (or both) of these parts, PM me and I'll send you the lines you can audition with. Of course I'll be sure you co-author you as well [provided you get the part] so you'll be credited when I post it here on NG.

medli20 awaaaaaayyyy!! *whoosh*

Looking for Voice actors... [DONE]


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2010-04-18 19:33:14

Voice Actor Wanted
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/8 16629

If you want, you could post in this thread. You would have a better chance of getting good voice actors there. Be sure to read the rules before posting! Can't wait to see it!

medli20 responds:

Thanks, I'll post over there, too. :) I don't go on NG that much so I was unaware such a thread existed.

Thanks again!


2010-04-18 19:47:41

Very interested


2010-04-18 20:04:34

meh ill do a voice or two...maybe...but i don't wish to be credited if i make the cut.
kinda want to be credited for stuff i make and not side jobs like voice acting n stuff.


medli20 responds:

Well, if you really would like to try voice acting, you can send me a PM with the part you're interested in. ;D



2010-04-18 20:14:21

I'd love to give it a try but its only fair to warn you, I've never actually had the chance of doing this so other then needing step by step instructions (as my name is clearly not only for looks), I will probably try out for the one liner part if you have enough patience for it. :3

medli20 responds:

Don't worry about it, voice acting is easy if you've got a decent mic and some acting ability. ;) If you're interested, PM me and we'll see what we can do.


2010-04-18 20:56:25

I know a voice actor who does a crazy good impression of James Earl Jones.


2010-04-18 20:57:22

Sent you PM.

Hope you respond. :)


2010-04-18 21:18:48

sure I could do Hoskit...yeah have the game so I have a pretty good idea of what he should sound like! so if you need me pm me and that would be cool to put me in the credits so I could get some more "jobs"


2010-04-18 21:20:26

bah...never mind, if you dont need me thats okay....just find someone else :P

medli20 responds:

Well, I'd like to get as many auditions as possible, but if you're busy I don't want to bother you. If you'd really like to voice act, PM me; I don't bite. =P


2010-04-18 21:23:18

I've plied my hand at voice acting, and you can check my profile for my voice acting pieces. I could do either character, whichever one you feel is needed more. Feel free to check my voice acting submissions and see which character you think I'd be more suitable for.
I'm guessing the other main roles would be Link and Zelda. If not, I can do the Link yelling pretty good.
How soon do you need this for though? Cause I'm in the middle of exams and I'm busy for the next two weeks or so.


2010-04-18 22:15:42

with my high voice, i could do toon link or some random kid


2010-04-18 23:05:14

Well coming from a technical standpoint this is kinda a tough feat to pull off, i Mean getting voices from grunts and laughs. But to hell with it. ILL DO IT!


2010-04-18 23:23:28

never voice acted before but i would really like to try! what part do you need acted?


2010-04-18 23:24:05

I dought I could do a good King of Red Lions but I could try Hoskit! Ive never done voice acting before so I might need a few pointers... but I have a decent mic and I'm willing to give it a try!


2010-04-19 04:00:54

Pm has been sent


2010-04-19 10:21:54

hmm, can I be the voice actor??


2010-04-19 15:05:16

Im a lad so i can do either if you still need em


2010-04-19 17:17:53

Sent a PM. Auditioning for both roles.


2010-04-19 17:35:48

Sent a PM.


2010-04-19 20:12:21

i'll like to voice hostki,
if he's not taken yet <o<
buuuut, i'll to voice any kind of voice "nothing like king of red lions lawlz ._."
so keep me in mind for voicing in any other flashes ;D.


2011-07-11 16:24:29

hello my name is cory im new to newgrounds